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Stephanie Brister

Stephanie Brister, NCARB, Principal



Texas Tech University

Bachelor of Science, Architecture

University of Texas at San Antonio

Masters of Architecture

Previous Experience

Primero Engineering- Architecture Div.

Principal of Architecture Division, Nov 2015

Carson Design Associates 

Project Manager/Designer, 2011-2015

Durand-Hollis Rupe Architects, Inc.

Production Manager/Designer, 2007-2011


Stephanie Brister is a Managing Partner and Principal with the capacity for coordinating small to large-scale and complex projects. Through a process that demands interpersonal skills and the ability to delegate, empower, and manage accountability, she counsels  clients in creating functional environments that reinforce their brand.

Brister Design Group is available to assist a client with multiple tasks such as code compliant solutions, and  prides themselves in conveying clear information through construction documents and verbal  communication.

As principal, Stephanie is accustomed to environments capable and willing to provide the highest level of customer  service for clients.  It is our mission to serve clients, and offer a “one stop” service to bring success to any type of project or scope of work, involving design, project management, or unique processing consulting.

Brister Design Group


September 2015 - Present

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